Parody of George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning”
Lyrics by Dave Roberts*
Vocal by Dave Roberts

*Meaning no disrespect to Mr. Terry Stafford, may you rest in peace...we miss you. But then you had that "Suspicion".

Armadillos In Mourning

Armadillos in mourning, their best friend’s in the road,

Tried to race `cross the freeway, got nailed by a speeding Ford,

Didn’t have a clue

His brains are stuck like glue

To the tread of a Firestone…


Armadillos in mourning,

Armadillos all alone…


They left his carcass by roadside,

A shell of his former self…

Missin’ his brains and some of his hide,

His innards startin’ to melt…

It’s as hot as hell

And he’s beginning to smell,

Turkey vultures are swoopin' in…


Armadillos  in mourning

Armadillos missin’ him…


Baby Dillos are cryin’

Daddy’s  lookin’ pretty gross.

Can’t tell his head from his hind end,

Nothing to grill, sauté, or roast…

He doesn’t have a head

He's in a pool of red,

It’s a disgusting sight to see…


Armadillos in mourning,

Armadillos set him free…



© 2003 Dave Roberts

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